So Many Rugs, so little time to choose!

A new home, or a re-decoration of your existing home, can be quite stressful.  It certainly was for us.  I LOVE area rugs and was torn over what style and texture to go with.  The Zebra rugs are aweome, and I am a big fan of a karastan rug, but they are both so different...and where would I find these types of rugs, anyway?

This is what I have learned thru my rug-shopping experiences.

Look at your floors. 

Did you know that your floors represent 1/3 of your decorating space?

Based on that, when deciding, spend at least a third of your time decorating your floor.   It's worth it to walk into a room in your home and smile at the feeling its gives you.

However, whatever you do on the floors reflects on the rest of the house. Keep this theme in mind and work with it.  For the record, bright colors make a room seem larger. Widely differing floors make a home look small and chopped up.

Start with a floor color and style you love and continue those colors into every room. And the best part.... It's OK to get personal and express yourself!

Now, where to find the zebra rug, or the karastan rug, or the capel rug, or ANY rug of your dreams?

I found 3 wonderful suppliers online. 

They are:

Good luck and happy shopping! 
May all your home decorating dreams come true!
Zebra Rugs, Karastan Rugs, Capal Rugs...Oh My!
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