beginner guide to internet marketing


Do You Need to Make Money?


Are you currently searching for a realistic way to earn additional income? 

Perhaps you're even hoping for a way to not only replace and increase your current income, but to improve your quality of life?  

So was I.   

I wanted to be at home with my family more, but those bills don't pay themselves, do they? So, I decided to step out of my comfort zone to search for a REAL solution.


Then one day, as I sat at my home computer, I asked myself,

"Do You Believe it is Possible to Make Money Online?"



Seriously, IS it Possible????

Can You Make Money Online?

I say, "Make Money", but I mean "Earn a Living",

not simply make a few extra bucks here and there.

I had bills to pay and I needed to know....





Yes, it IS Possible.

Many 'Regular' People...
People Just Like YOU and like ME...
Are Earning Their Living Online Everyday!




But, How?  

Where do you start?  

What do you need to know?

I'm About to Share ALL That With You!

(note: If you'd prefer to spend the next few months researching for the resources I am about to share with you, please stop reading now)


First, some proof that the tools I use really work:

#3 out of 1.5 MILLION Results!



       From the Desk of:  Jennifer A. Ledbetter

Not too long ago, I was faced with the same questions you have.  Is it possible for me to earn my living online and from the comfort of my own home?  Is it possible to do it with the least amount of money out of my pocket as possible?

Thus began my journey into the world of Internet Marketing.

I had read all the "hype" and the "get rich quick" promises, but I wanted facts and real tools to promote my success.

For months and months, I researched all I needed to know to begin my new career with my online business. I was determined to begin my career online with little to no investment and looked for any *free* opportunities and tools that I could find.

Sometimes, that meant passing up the information I could pay for, that was presented right in front of me, and continuing my research for a less expensive way.  I spent MUCH of my valuable time doing this research.

I did it all wrong.

I would spend hours and hours, each and every day, looking.  I would click links that would lead to more links... and eventually come up with small "pots of gold" to add to my index file.  I would "Google" subjects 'til my eye-balls about fell out.  Worst part was, half the time I wasn't even sure WHAT I was looking for! 

(Thing is, truly successful people use their time wisely.  More importantly, those successful in ANY business INVEST IN THEMSELVES.  I know that NOW, but at that time I didn't realize the mistake I was making)

Needless to say, my index file became quite big; full of valuable tools and resources that I was using every day in my online business.  Spending months to research was finally paying off! It was working!  It IS possible!  I even found a completely free, no risk, opportunity to make a good income online without a website, a product, OR a list! (more about that in a bit)

As you can see from the Google search results screen shot I showed you earlier, the tools and resources I had found showed me:

** How to make a website

** How to create my own e-book

** How to get my website to automate the sales process

** How to get to the top of a Google search results page -- #3 out of 1.5 MILLION sites competing for the same keywords (and WITHOUT quotes around the phrase!)

** The proper way to market my products and the most powerful places TO market them.

** How to do it all over and over again!

                       I want to be able to do that, too ....  Order Now

As you can probably guess, my index file was VERY valuable to me!

Then, one day, my too-curious cat just about spilled my coffee all over my index file... nearly ruining it!

It was that very moment when I knew I had a VERY valuable resource for smart and resourceful people who were trying their hand at Internet Marketing... those that wanted to start making money online NOW,    and NOT spend their valuable time doing the research  I've already done. 

I also realized that there are so many people that might be smarter than me; people that will realize that time IS valuable and won't make the same mistake I made.  I about slapped myself as I realized that successful people will know it is wiser to invest a small amount for this information than to spend months and months to attempt to find it all themselves like I did.

Just think, if someone had presented ME with a 40+ page report full of useful tools and valuable links to start my online business right away! I would have been earning money MONTHS EARLIER!!!

Seriously, who wants to waste their precious time doing the endless research that has already been done FOR them?

Why delay the road to success by spending months and months of YOUR time searching when the information is right here?

This is why "True Beginners" was created... for people like YOU.  People who know it IS possible to take control of your life and work for yourself. People who are willing to get out of their "comfort zone" and get all life has to offer. Those incredible few people who have successful instincts and realize that investing in YOUR business "tool box" is NOT a waste of money.


Time = Money.


Don't make the same mistake I made.


Thankfully, when I have questions NOW, I get those answers the quickest I can so I can get right back to earning my living online.  I don't waste my time researching for answers; I pay others to do it FOR me.


Introducing the answers you've been looking for:



Just look at what is inside 

The True Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing:

  1. Chapter 1 - How to Use this Report.
  2. Chapter 2 - The Resource Links    (My Research- NINE Pages of Links).
  3. Chapter 3 - A Peek Inside MY Index File.
  4. Chapter 4 - The Special BONUS LINK.
  5. Chapter 5 - How to Start an Internet Business WITHOUT CAPITAL.
  6. Chapter 6 - Creating a Sellable Product.
  7. Chapter 7 - The Importance of Over-Delivering.
  8. Chapter 8 - Getting the Word Out.
  9. Chapter 9 - Ethical Marketing.
  10. Chapter 10 - Building a Customer Base
  11. Chapter 11 - Benefits of Joint Ventures
  12. Chapter 12 - Pre-Selling (The Art of Anticipation)
  13. Chapter 13 - The Importance of Selling
  14. Chapter 14 - Outsourcing your Business
  15. Chapter 15 - 3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need to Survive Online
  16. Chapter 16 - How to Choose a Good Affiliate Program
  17. Chapter 17 - Final Thoughts from the Author.
    On the final page (page 43), you will find this extra-special bonus 


    No website?  No product? No list?


    How about a completely free, no risk, opportunity 

    to make a good income online?

    I will share with you a FREE Opportunity that 

    You Can Start Immediately!


I'm Ready to Start Making Money!  Order Now!


All my research is right here, in one valuable resource product.

If you're serious about making money online, or even if you are "just browsing" and THINKING about beginning a career online, you will get this report right now and read it today.  

True Beginners is designed for people like YOU!

Do you want to know what it will cost you to get this incredible time saving/money making information, information that will get you on the road to financial freedom faster?


That was not a typo.  


Let's say (for the ease of math) that I "only" spent 2 months on this research.

2 Months = 60 days.

60 days x 24 hours in a day = 1440 hours

$7.00 divided by 1440 hours = One Half Cent per Hour!

In my opinion, paying someone a HALF PENNY an HOUR to research FOR me is a MIGHTY wise investment!  

Heck, it's a "no-brainer"!


Yes, for the price of a fast food dinner you will have all of the information you need to jump full force into making money online.

Why $7?

I'm only charging $7 for this report, and not giving this report away, for 3 reasons.

  1. $7 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning online businessperson.  I know the feeling of "sticker shock" when you find a great product and it comes with a BIG price tag.
  2. Part of me is "selfish".  I want "everything" in life.  I live by Zig Ziglar's quote,
    "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."     

  3. Anyone who has "instinct for success" and chooses to put down the price of a fast food dinner and buy this report has the opportunity to sell the report to others and get the FULL PRICE of every copy they sell directly in their own PayPal account immediately. Yes, your instincts are correct!  100% commission just for sharing this report with others! More details on how to do that are in the report.

So if you're serious about your financial future, click the "Buy Now" button below. You don't have to have a Paypal account to purchase; just follow the directions on the page. 

If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for.


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P.S. Seriously, for just $7 I'll give you the results of my months and months of research... INSTANTLY!  How can you pass on that?

P.P.S. If the report isn't enough, remember, after buying you can turn around and resell the report to your list (or with a link on your website). In 20 minutes you can make that $7 back times 10, 100, or even 1000! You get the FULL $7 directly to your PayPal account for every sale, the instant it's made.

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