So, you've made the big leap into the online money making world?  Congrats!

What you need first is a complete list of resouces that you will assist you on your journey thru whatever avenue of online money making that you pursue.

LET'S MAKE MONEY ONLINE! RESOURCE LINKS -- Most important, you need a support site.  WhyDoWork is not only an informative website that supports and offers legitimate work from home opportunities, but it also has a member forum that is INVALUABLE to those working from home.  It is free to join.

Yahoo Websites:  Don't have a website yet?  You're gonna need one.  Yahoo offers a GREAT deal on websites and is VERY "beginner-friendly".  Right now, they are offering 35% off ($7.77/mo).

Google Adsense:  Once you get that website up and running, sign up for Google's Adsense program.  Google places little ads on your site and you get paid when people click them.  Free.

PayPal:  Whether you want to get paid online or offer ways for your customers to buy something from your website, PayPal is the way to go.  Its free to sign up.  (FYI, most affiliate programs online pay thru PayPal)

AWeber:  This company offers an automated email program (among MANY other things).  For example, you sell products online, AWeber helps automate the whole process.  (Can you say "Make money while you sleep?")

There are quite a few sites out there that are free to join but give many opportunities for making some extra money.

AglocoAgloco is a new, up-and-coming company that is going crazy.  In a nutshell, you install a very small view bar on your computer and get paid for your time online, AND get paid for those you refer. Free.

SlashMySearch:  Similiar to Agloco, but this program is a "Search and Earn" concept, also with payments to you for your referrals income.  Easy enough, just reset your homepage and then use their search engine.  SlashMySearch has excellent tracking software and a member forum. Free.

Free sites/programs that pay you to various things (read email, view offers, post, etc)
Private Resale Gold

Like to write?  Want to get PAID for it?  Check out these two cool sites. 
Free to join, free to submit, get paid.

Other 98% -  This is a cool report that teaches you how to get traffic to your site. It is quite informative.   The Other 98% refers to the 98% of website traffic that you are MISSING.

Niche Marketing on Crack - EXCELLENT eBook on the Internet Marketing world and how to do it RIGHT.

$7 Dollar Offers-  This is where all the really good Internet Marketers came together and put everything they've learned down in over 200 ebooks.  There is a wide assortment of topics and yes, they are each only $7.

I'm not sure what kind of work you'd like to do from home, but here are some ideas:

Paid Surveys

For Work at Home help with goal setting, and other resources, try: