Training to be a Life Coach, $7 Secrets, Agloco, and...
What the heck is
PotPieWorld is now totally up and running!  What a whirlwind these past 5 days have been! now has 5 pages (with this blog) and I also just finished a seperate site on training to be a Life Coach (Life Coach Training).  I think I need some sleep now!  haha!

Seven Dollar Secrets are hot, Hot, HOT.  Its a total revolution to the Internet Marketing world.  The concept is fresh and the content is EXCELLENT.  Hard to believe its only $7!  (Check out $7 Secrets) .  This report has truly become quite the 'thing'... there is now a $7 type store, a $7 forum for support, suggestions, and an all-around help desk that offers direct contact with the author himself, Jonathan Leger!  How impressive is THAT?

Agloco is also going nuts.  Folks, do you know that anytime you do ANYTHING on the internet (right down to simply checking your email) you are making money for SOMEONE?  Why not let that "someone" be YOU?  Its free to join, and once the view bar goes public next month, this will be even MORE huge than it is now.  Get in NOW.  They pay 5 levels down...and IT IS FREE catch, no nothing but signing up!  Agloco.  Don't wait.. don't hestitate...  I'm serious.  There is NO RISK!

So, what the HECK is
PotPieWorld? What kind of flake comes up with THAT name?  I'll give credit where credit is due.  Once upon a time in a forum far, far away and quite dear to me, a regular poster insisted on patronizing me whenever I had an opinion on anything.  I was told to hush and go make him a potpie.  It glue. Besides, I am kinda like a potpie.  A bit flaky on the outside, but some really good stuff on the inside!  So, when it came time to pick a domain name...that potpie thing kept coming back to me.  Hence, the birth of
Making Money Online --
Everything I've Found Compiled into ONE List!
Wow, 3 weeks into this and I have learned aLOT!  Today I compiled all the best resources for making money online into ONE list here on  Hopefully the "hits" will keep coming to this site 'cause there is new and valuable (and lots of FREE) information being added all the time!

We also started contributing to (pronounced zom-bah) and WiseOrb.  Anyone who likes to write can write like crazy (for FREE) and GET PAID!

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