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Finding a profitable niche
is not about luck,
nor finding keywords with hundreds of
thousands of searches per month.

Finding a profitable niche is about
starting with a big list and
eliminating counter-productive topics
until you are left with 
the best.

You already know how crucial it is to find a
profitable niche if you want to make some decent
money with Adsense or affiliate programs.

But do you put the same efforts into choosing your
niches than you do your keyword research or to
optimize your site? If not, you should...
as choosing the wrong niche
can be a real time waster.

Have you ever worked hard to get a site running
only to later find out that you have wasted your
time because:

a) The niche is so competitive you can hardly get
traffic for your main terms?
b) The niche is so small no one ever comes to
your site?
c) You get a nice click-through rate but make
pennies for each of these click?

If this sounds familiar, then you will love what I
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I've just reviewed a free report called
"A Simple, Step-By-Step Formula
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It is chock full of information on niche
hunting and so detailed that I can't believe the
author, Myleena Phan, is giving this away
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The report gives you the exact steps she uses to
find profitable niches that allowed her to bring
her Adsense and affiliate revenues from under a
hundred dollars to over $15,000 per month -
on Adsense alone.

You may have heard of Myleena but most likely not,
as she prefers to keep a low profile and secretly
earn her living online from maintaining her
websites network.

To tell you the truth, I think Myleena is really
devaluating her report by giving it away free. She
could easily sell this for $97 a piece and make a
killing (and I know a few who would jump all over
their seats just to get their hands on this gem).

Maybe it's her lack of Internet Marketing
experience, but if I was you,
I'd download her free
report right away...
before she comes to her senses and

decides to charge for it!

In this free report, you will find these great topics on finding a profitable niche:

* The 3 elements a niche market MUST meet to be profitable (p.10)

* Learn why Google should not be your sole search engine target (p.11)

* A list of the best sites to look at for ideas
(hint: these sites already did their research and the niches they show already proved their popularity) (p.12)

* The truth about high search count keywords - Why you don't want to find that 100,000 searches per month keyword. (p.17)

* How to be certain that a niche will be profitable using a very simple trick (p.23)

* How many competitors are too many? (p.24)

* Why the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) is a good metrics, and how to use it properly (p.28)

* Why you should never rely on "Top Paying Adsense" lists to find your niches (p.31)

* Why you should not focus on one website to earn a living (p.35)

* How Myleena makes $20 per day from a webiste with only 100 to 200 daily visitors (p.37)

* How to effectively use advanced "allintitle", "allinurl" search queries to do better niche research (p.43)

* Why tedious keyword research is obsolete (p.46)

* You don't need hundreds of websites to make money with Adsense (p.35)

Finding a profitable niche is easy...
IF you know how!

This Free Report on Uncovering Red-Hot Niches is the tool you need
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