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A Complete Buyers Guide

   It’s time for a new office chair… a
GOOD office chair.  Before I rushed off to dump my
       hard-earned money on the “latest and greatest”, I decided to do some research. 

                           I am now passing the results of my research on to you.

First off, some highlights on what to look for when selecting a new office chair.

- Seat height.  This should be adjustable.

- Seat dimensions.  17” – 20” wide is standard.

- Lumbar Support.  Protect that lower back!

- Backrest. 12”- 19” wide

- Seat Material.  Good padding; breathable.  Sure, leather LOOKS good, but….

- Armrests. Should be adjustable

- Swivel. Chair should easily rotate.

In a nutshell, go for durability and quality backed by a solid warranty.  This is your hard-earned money, this is your back, and this is your “home” for hours and hours everyday at your desk.  When I think of how much money I invested in my couch, it puts office chair shopping into perspective.  I’m LUCKY if I sit on my couch for ONE hour a day!

Ok, now that you know the basics, I can share THE office chair I found.

The Aeron Office Chair.

Its looks a little odd, doesn’t it?  The Aeron chair is certainly not leather and “sleek”.  When you first sit in it, it feels a bit odd, too.

However, I finally found the office chair that adjusts to ME!

The Aeron chair is produced by Herman Miller and was designed in 1994.  This office chair is one of many “ergonomic” chairs that are manufactured in 3 different sizes, a, b, and c (think small, medium, and large).  The Aeron chair is not upholstered and it’s not leather.  Rather, the back and the seat are made of flexible, breathable mesh called a “pellicle”.  The Aeron chair is comfortable, practical, and stylish.

As far as value goes, the Aeron office chair comes with a 12-year warranty!  Yes, TWELVE YEARS!  On a genuine Aeron chair you can find a “12-year Warranty/Born-On Date” sticker.  This sticker acts as a certificate of authenticity consisting of the make/model, the date and time of manufacture, and the factory order number. This sticker is usually placed under the seatpan or on the housing near the shaft.

Important Note Regarding Used Aeron Chairs:

Due to the over-whelming popularity of the Aeron chair, you’re going to see them on eBay.  Be warned- According to Herman Miller, the 12-year warranty is NOT provided or transferred on used products.  Make sure you buy new, and make sure your Aeron chair has its “Born On” sticker to seal your 12-year warranty.

My over-all review and satisfaction level from my Aeron Office Chair purchase.

Love it!

I bought mine from
Ultimate Back Stores and got free shipping!

At first, as I pointed out previously, it sure looked odd and felt odd sitting in it.

No more.  It fits ME like a glove.  I suffer from FAR less “snap, crackle, and pops” in the morning….and I sure get a lot more work done since I am more comfortable in my working environment.  Also, all those coffee stains I was constantly causing on my old chair?  No more….no stains on the Aeron chair!

The down-side?  Yes, it was a bit more expensive than any old chair at any old office supply place, but with the 12-year warranty, my production level increase, AND the way I FEEL, it was very worth it.

Oh wait, there is one more down-side.  I messed up and let my husband sit in it.  He loves it (and it’s not even his size!).  Now it looks like I’ll have to buy another Aeron chair for him!
If you’re like me, you’re at your computer for many hours a day. 
I fidget around and try to make myself adjust to fit my office chair. 
The back pains in the morning let me know that this is not working.
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